Eugene School District 4J Approved Apps, Websites and Software

Eugene School District 4J is committed to the safety of our students, especially when it comes to using online resources. Therefore, all apps, software and websites used for educational purposes in the District will now go through an approval process. The following have been vetted by the district to ensure they are compliant with federal laws and regulations such as COPPA and FERPA. The list is also approved through our Technology Apps approval process to ensure that they are high-quality apps, software and websites that can be used to enhance or support the curriculum.

Check with the building Technology Support Specialist (TSS) for pricing on apps and/or subscriptions that have costs associated; volume discounts may be available when purchasing 20+ licenses.  School admin will need to approve any costs prior to purchase and installation unless it is district funded.  Currently funded technology apps and subscriptions, which serve essential teaching and learning needs, are indicated in the table with asterisks (**) and are also listed separately here.  

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Apps, Software and websites that are not approved.