Google Drive Organization

Keeping your Google Drive organized will save time and create an efficient work space. Creating folders, and learning how to organize them, will help with this process. 

Creating folders and adding content

Sort your files (Docs, Sheets, PDF’s, Photos and Videos) using Folders – any file type can be stored in Google Drive.

  1. Tap “New” in the top left corner, under the 4J logo.  Select “Folder”
  2. Give the new folder a name (*Tip – Add an asterisk to the start of any folder to bring it to the top of the list)
  3. Drag and drop files into your folder
  4. Add new files from within the folder: Double click the name of your folder, then click “New” to add new items into the folder.
  5. Create a folder tree…folders within folders
  6. Add emoji’s to the beginning of a file/folder name as a visual reminder of what it is.
  7. Add a number to the beginning of each folder name to put the folders into the order you prefer.

Organize folders with Color

Change the colors of folders to make them easier to find.

  1. Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and click the name of a folder (or click 3 dots in toolbar)
  2. Select “Change Color” from the menu that appears and select a new color for your folder.

Adding Stars

Stars are a quick way to find important items you use frequently – that can include your own files or files shared with you.

  1. Press the Control key on your keyboard and click the file you would like to star (or click the 3 dots icon)
  2. Select “Add Star” from the menu that appears
  3. After adding a star, you will be able click the “Starred” tab on the left side of Google Drive to see all starred items.
Why use stars?

If you’re working on a project or lesson and you wish to use multiple documents from different folders you could Star all of the important documents and essentially create a new folder that you won’t have to delete and won’t have to name.  Starring a file or folder is almost like creating a personalized folder of items you wish to work with or think are important for future reference and don’t wish to search for them individually.